Muhammad Ali Reveals Who He's Rooting For In Pacquiao-Mayweather Mega Fight

Muhammad Ali likes his champions to be "charitable" - the iconic boxer is definitely not in Mayweather's corner.

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One would think that boxing legend Muhammad Ali would pick his fellow American Floyd Mayweather Jr. in what could be the biggest fight of this century – or at least the past decade.

But no. The Greatest Of All-Time will be rooting for Philippines' Manny Pacquiao when he takes on Pretty Boy Floyd at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada, on May 2.

Owing to his health, Ali is unlikely to attend the fight, but there is no uncertainty about who he will be supporting. In an interview with TMZ, Ali's daughter Rasheeda revealed:

“My dad really likes Manny. He’s a huge fan of his. He knows Manny’s a great fighter … but it’s more about what he does outside the ring. He’s such a charitable person.”

Ali and Pacman are apparently very fond of each other, and Pacquiao was even invited to Ali's 70th birthday party back in 2012.

So does that mean Ali has a problem with Mayweather? According to Rasheeda, his dad respects Mayweather's achievements in the ring, but isn't sure about his shenanigans outside it.

"My dad stood for things. Mayweather ... I don't think there's a comparison," she said.

What she is basically saying that Money is a great boxer, but a despicable human being, which sounds just about right. Instead of using his position for some good, Mayweather flaunts his money, has the biggest ego ever and can in no way be termed as The People's Champ. Then, there was that domestic violence episode.

It's hard to like him for what he does in his private life. Pacquiao, on the other hand, comes off as a very humble and likable person. The two pugilists' styles and personalities are completely the opposite of each other, and that's why the boxing world is anxiously waiting for May 2.

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