The Moment A NASCAR Driver Plows Into His Own Pit Crew

A new tire procured for Brad Keselowski's Ford flew off – sending his pit crew members flying as well – during the disastrous pit stop.

A NASCAR driver sent two of his crew members flying like bowling pins after he crashed into them at Sprint Cup's Pocono Raceway event in Pennsylvania.

Brad Keselowski was trying to pull over at a pit stop when his brakes locked up. One of the tires procured for his Ford flew off during the potentially disastrous crash.

“It could have been a disaster as front tire carrier Jeremy Ogles rolled up onto Keselowski's hood and onto the windshield and jackman Braxton Brannon was sent somersaulting next to the driver's window,” ESPN reported.

Here’s another angle of the accident:

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Fortunately, neither man was hurt and both quickly recovered from the hit. They even managed to get another tire and fix it within seconds.

“I'm sorry about that, guys. Everybody OK?” Keselowski asked via radio after the event, according to Fox Sports.

“We'll get through it,” crew chief Paul Wolfe replied.

Despite receiving a penalty, Keselowski finished second to Matt Kenseth.

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