When NBA Says It Cares, It Means This

June 27, 2014:The best story from the 2014 NBA Draft is not even about a pro basketball player – technically speaking.

For a league that is full of tall, muscular giants, the NBA churns out an abnormally high number of emotional stories. There are the tear-jerking MVP speeches, the Hall of Fame induction ceremonies, the players' mom stories. In short, this sport of colossal beings is always on the cusp of making its fans cry.

The latest in line of these stories is that of Isaiah Austin. Watching the video above coupled with knowing his personal story would moist anyone's eyes.

The kid is a 7'1" basketball player of humble background who was hoping to get picked by a team in the 2014 NBA draft. He also is blind in his right eye from an injury sustained in middle school. But, despite his disability, his other physical assets and basketball skills were enough for him to carve out a professional career. Just less than a week before the draft, however, his dreams were shattered.

The 20-year-old center was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the body's connective tissue. It's a life threatening condition, meaning that Austin's hopes of playing the game he loved professionally will now never materialize.

The story till now was emotional enough already, but it went to a whole different level after what NBA Commissioner Adam Silver did a few hours ago. Having invited Austin to watch the draft as his guest, Silver surprised everyone by picking Austin on behalf of the league.

The NBA Drafts Isaiah Austin

Thanks to Silver, Austin got at least part of his dream fulfilled. He also promised the youngster a job in his organization after he is done with the remaining two years of his college.

One has to say that Silver's handling of affairs in the Donald Sterling racism case and now this have proven that the game we love is in good hands.

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