NBA Guard Jeremy Lin Celebrates Chinese New Year With The Homeless

While NBA prima donnas celebrated the All-Star weekend, Linsanity cooked for the homeless.

Jeremy Lin wasn't involved in last month's NBA All-Star game, but he still made the trip to New York to spend time with his family as well as some pretty special, but pretty misunderstood, homeless people.

In a video shared on his official YouTube channel, the Los Angeles Lakers point guard cooks some Chinese food with his brother and then heads to the park. There, he shares his food with and talks to a few people who have fallen on hard times and don't have a place to live.

One of Lin's new friends challenges him to a foot race, which he instantly accepts. The 55-year-old runs hard but the Linsanity wins.

Lin then hands out some red envelopes before leaving.

It's this personality of Lin that has endeared him to fans so much, despite him not being as good as some of the other PGs in the NBA.

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