NBA Superstars React To The Huskies’ Surprise Win Over The Wildcats

NBA superstars react on Twitter after watching the Huskies upset the Wildcats.

The NBA takes keen interest in the happenings of College Basketball every year – and why wouldn't they?

After all, most of the NBA players once took a step up from the NCAA themselves. On top of that, the young'uns plying their trade in College ball could one day help these superstars achieve their goals in the big league.

Hence, when the Connecticut Huskies upset the Kentucky Wildcats 60-54 in the 2014 NCAA Championship Game on Monday, a number of NBAers took to Twitter with their messages of congratulations.

First up was LeBron James, who tweeted a number of NCAA-centric messages. After declaring UConn guard Shabazz Napier as the best PG in the upcoming NBA draft, the King congratulated his one-time Cleveland Cavaliers teammate Kevin Ollie – who coached the Huskies to the title.


Dwight Howard, who skipped College for the NBA, was next:


Then, came the Thunder guard Russell Westbrook.


The Clippers forward Blake Griffin doesn't tweet much, but even he had something to say this time.


Kobe Bryant's tweet from last month proved one should not follow his tips, especially if you are a betting man or woman.


But, Kendrick Perkins' post from April 5 suggests that he may have come very close to picking UConn as his team for the finals.

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