New LeBron Shoe Presumptuously Declares "2-Time Champion"

The new Nike LeBron X Low Floral will need to be recalled if LeBron James and the Heat can't win their next two games.

LeBron James has a Nike shoe associated with him. Here they are, in all their space-puke green glory:

Alright you say. Kind of weird, some might say ugly, but hey, LeBron didn't design them. He's a basketball player. He just lent his name to a product in exchange for millions of dollars, which you, the consumer, are supposed to eventually return to Nike by buying the shoes in the hopes that what makes LeBron James one of the best basketball players ever are these shoes he's lent his name to.

But none of that is the story. The story is on the inside of the shoe:

Up against the heel are the words "2-Time Champion." Two times? Well, LeBron's Heat won last year, but that was their first time. He didn't win with Cleveland...was there a high school championship or something? Oh wait, the other shoe clarifies with the years of the championships:

"11-12, 12-13."

And by clarifies, I mean is clairvoyant. And by that I mean hopeful. Yes, the Heat were the obvious pick to steamroll through the playoffs. This isn't as presumptuous as say, Carmelo Anthony's (or Darko Mlicic's) shoe anointing him a one-time champion. But right now the Heat are down 3-2 to a more consistent and better coached San Antonio Spurs. I don't know if I would bet against the Heat, but I also wouldn't carve their championship into a shoe.
Again, I doubt this was LeBron's idea, but the pressure is on now, because he has a somewhat dubious history with anointing himself champion ahead of time. (I just watched this again, and it's still the weirdest thing ever.)
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