New Rochelle Buzzer Beater: Is It The New #1? Top 10 Basketball Buzzer Beaters

The New Rochelle buzzer beater was instantly legendary. But how does it stack up against some of the great basketball buzzer beaters of our time? We compile, you decide.

If you haven't seen the New Rochelle buzzer beater from last night, watch the New Rochelle buzzer beater from last night:

It did indeed count (replays weren't totally conclusive, but showed that Khalil Edney probably got the shot off). What made that even more improbable than most buzzer beaters was that New Rochelle didn't even have possession with about 1 second to go. Whoever that was on Mount Vernon who intercepted the inbounds pass ought to be happy that Edney and New Rochelle have gotten all the attention, because he could have avoided that by just holding the ball, or lofting it a little higher. Still, it's not like anyone could have seen that coming.

Still, was New Rochelle number one among buzzer beaters? Here are some contenders: you decide.

Kemba Walker beats #3 Pittsburgh with smooth stepback. This one isn't a full court heave, but it's a perfectly executed jumper:

Austin Rivers of Duke beats UNC. Down by 2 with enough time to set up an inside you go for the three? Austin Rivers said yes. Doesn't hurt that this is one of college basketball's biggest rivalries. Also, that's the most excited I've seen Doc Rivers (Austin's dad, former NBAer and current coach of the Celtics).

Tyreke Evans finds a few more seconds. Moving into the NBA, this one is excellent, because you might think that the first shot is the buzzer beater. Keep watching:

LeBron James wins Game 2 of Cavs-Magic playoffs in 2009. So, this James kid. Turns out he's pretty good.

Illinois Beats #1 Indiana On Lay-Up That Appears From The Ether. This one's sort of random. I'm not a good enough basketball analyst to say why exactly this happened, but isn't this a situation where you guard your own basket a little tighter? I mean, it's one thing for a guy to get open, but there?

In which Washington can't grab a rebound to save their (tournament) lives. Rip Hamilton advanced UConn on their third try. Ironically, all those misses deprived Washington of their chance at a buzzer beater.

Larry Johnson's 4 point play. I still remember this night (I'm a Knicks fan...sigh). It loses points on the buzzer beater list for not being a true buzzer beater (5 seconds left), but it gains points for, well, points. Four of them. For the win. Watch:


3 Buzzer Beaters in one. Sure, each individual shot is relatively unremarkable, but there are three of them.

Dayton Christian High School. Why are the high school buzzer beaters always the best ones? This one's about as random as New Rochelle, and it might just be the best of the buzzer beaters:

But really, do any of them beat this kid?

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