This Is How NY Knicks Fans Will Remember Amar'e Stoudemire

The New York Knicks fans have no idea what they're losing. They will greatly miss the legendary Amar'e Stoudemire.

1. For being the franchise leader in injuries

amare stoudemire injuries


2. For being an ever-present personality on the sidelines

amare stoudemire news


3. For having more suits than game jerseys...cos you know he needed those more

amare stoudemire photos


4. For being the real inspiration behind James Harden's No-D style of play

amare stoudemire stats

amare stoudemire


5. For taking $550 red wine baths

amare stoudemire red wine bath


6. For inventing the scariest towel look

amare stoudemire bench towel


7. For bringing back the old-school goggles

amare stoudemire injury update


So, yeah. As the man himself said it last week, his legacy in New York will be cherished.

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