New York Mets Fans Have The Poorest English Of All MLB Teams

The New York Mets fans' grammar skills mirror their team's baseball skills.

mets fans

Oh boy. It goes from bad to worse for the New York Mets fans. As if their team's struggles since eternity weren't enough, a recent study has singled them out as the worst fanbase in the MLB in terms of spelling and grammar.

Yep, the Mets fans' proficiency in English is absolutely worst of the worst, as per a study conducted by Grammarly at the behest of the Wall Street Journal.

What Grammarly did is that it analyzed online comments by fans of each of the 30 MLB teams and found that the Mets' supporters had the greatest difficulty in writing an error-free and grammatically accurate sentence with perfect punctuations and everything.

Averaging almost 14 mistakes per 100 words, the Mets claimed the unenvied top spot, followed closely by the Phillies in second whose fans are wrong 13.5 times over the same course of wording. With an average of 12.7, the Astros rounded up the top three.

Mets grammar

Dead last on this list are the Cleveland Browns, whose fans must be the most literate which is why they average just 3.6 mistakes per 100 words.

Those looking for some sort of trend in the list, however, will be disappointed as the bottom five in the list are almost just as poor at baseball as the Mets, something which is highlighted with their meagre haul of four championships between them.

You can't win on this list really.

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