NBA Stars' Wide-Eyed Reaction to Tall Blacks' Haka Dance

Those Tall Blacks sure know how to put on a show BEFORE a basketball game.

New Zealand may not be a great basketball playing nation, but that didn't stop them from mesmerizing Team USA before their World Cup Group C clash in Spain.

Towards the end of the pre-game warm-up, the "Tall Blacks" performed their traditional Haka dance (M?ori challenge), and not only the audience but their opponents were also in their awe.

Derrick Rose couldn't blink his eyes, James Harden watched with his mouth agape, and Kenneth Faried's eyebrow perked up. It was clear they had never seen anything like it on a basketball court.

Unfortunately, the Kiwi team couldn't translate that aggression into the game, as it was all Team USA after the tip off. The NBA ballers pounded them inside and ran away with a comfortable 98-71 win.

Their Haka dance was amazing though.

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