Is David Beckham A Vampire? Photos With Neymar Show Soccer Legend Hasn’t Aged A Day

July 06, 2014: What is David Beckham’s secret? Former English soccer player David Beckham and Brazilian star Neymar are often compared to each other when it comes to fashion and trends.

News websites are rife with articles asking questions like “Can Neymar Be the Next David Beckham?” or “Will Neymar Be Soccer's Next Fashion Star?

Fans also like drawing similar comparisons between the two soccer heartthrobs.

In fact, one user on social media website Reddit, was so keen that they noticed a rather interesting trend in three separate photos showing Neymar throughout the years posing with Beckham.

David Beckham

While changes in Neymar are quite obvious in the course of almost ten years, Beckham looks as if he hasn’t aged a day.

The last photo from the collage is from November 2013 when the pair bumped into each other at a Miami Heat game.

The photo emerged on the internet following Neymar’s tragic exit from the FIFA World Cup tournament this year.

The Brazilian star striker was airlifted from training camp to his home after suffering a back injury during Friday's 2-1 quarter-final win over Colombia that put him out of the World Cup.


In an emotional interview released on Saturday, Neymar thanked his fans for their support and says his Brazil teammates will keep his dream of a World Cup title alive.

“My dream was also to play in a World Cup final but this time it didn't work out. I am certain they will win this and will be champions. And I will be together with them. And we Brazilians are going to be celebrating all of this. Thank you, everyone. Sending you a hug," Neymar said, according to a translation provided by Reuters.

Watch his complete message in the video below:

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