7-Year-Old Sends J. J. Watt His Signed Jersey So He Could Remember Him When He Himself Becomes An NFL Star

J. J. Watt's jersey collection now has a piece that could be worth a fortune one day.

JJ Watt

It's normal for sports stars to gift their signed jerseys to fans for whom that piece of sportswear becomes a treasure of a lifetime. What's not normal, however, is for a high profile athlete to receive an autographed jersey from a fan who says he should keep hold on to it because one day he would be just as big as him.

This just happened to Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt.

The 25-year-old is not just great at his job but is also one of the most likable players in the cesspool that is NFL, so it's understandable that he receives a lot of fan mail. But even he would not have been expecting the surprise he recently got in his mailbox.

Upon opening the package, he found a two-page letter written by a seven-year-old fan along with a jersey. The young Anthony Tarantelli apparently models his game after Watt's and wants to become an NFL defensive end just like his idol. And he is so firm in his belief of becoming a "famous NFL player" one day that he has already sent his autographed jersey to Watt.

It did the trick as Watt posted picture of both the letter as well as the jersey on his Twitter account:

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