What If NFL's Hottest QBs Were Bald?

NFL QBs with their new cue ball look. Football, like most other sports, has evolved over the years.

The emergence of media as a dominant force has brought with it fashion and glamor the likes of which were never seen. Don't get us wrong, unattractive mugs still exist in the NFL, but they are fewer and far between. Hair transplant, expensive skin treatments and high-end stylists have helped a lot of players dampen their exterior ugliness.

Mandatory.com's Paul Ulane however, has made it his mission to show us what some of the famous NFL quarterbacks would look like if they were suffering from male pattern baldness.

As expected, the results are not pretty.

Johnny Manziel


Peyton Manning


Tom Brady


Eli Manning


Tony Romo


Aaron Rodgers


Russell Wilson


Robert Griffin III


Drew Brees


Just imagine how much more popular Rogaine and other hair loss products would have been.

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