NFL To Air An Anti-Domestic Violence PSA During Super Bowl

It’s about time the NFL addressed domestic violence.

One of the most entertaining things about Super Bowl are the commercials, and with the game just around the corner, we have already seen a number of ads that will air during the game.

But only one is set to make history.

This 30-second bone-chilling PSA regarding domestic violence and sexual assault is set to air during the first quarter. It has been prepared by, a campaign that combats cases of domestic violence. The breath-stopping ad delivers its message in a really subtle way, and features an original 911 call where a woman, a victim of domestic violence, covertly asks for help after she dials the emergency service.

The NFL has been widely criticized for its improper handling of the domestic violence cases among its players in the past, but as Adage reports, the league covered production costs for this Super Bowl spot, created by Grey, the NFL's ad agency.  

It seems like either the NFL is finally recognizing its responsibility to tackle domestic violence head-on, or maybe the league is just trying to absolve itself from the controversies. Whatever the reason, this PSA will hopefully pave the way for similar ads in the future – and greater acceptance that domestic violence is never OK. 

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