Moto3 Racer Gets Thrown Off Bike, Still Hangs On And Finishes Race

It absolutely doesn't matter how you cross the line as long as you cross it.

Moto3 Racer

When a racer loses control of his bike in MotoGP, it usually ends in a devastating crash. So when Finnish rider Niklas Ajo was thrown off the seat of his bike in the final lap of Moto3 Dutch Grand Prix on Saturday, most people would've thought it was the end of his day.

A crash with the end in sight would've been cruel to the 20-year-old, who was in eighth position up until that point. But instead of letting the ill-timed incident ruin his race, he clung on to his bike, which then basically dragged him past the finish line.

Granted that the incident cost him nine places as he finished No. 17, but his finishing maneuver was definitely was way more exciting than most others we see in motorsport.

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