Blind Adoration For Kim Jong-Un Reaches Musical New Heights At Soccer Match [VIDEO]

Presenting...the first ever Kim Jong-un-inspired football chant.

kim jong un

Soccer fans cheer for anyone and everyone, but this one chant heard at the ongoing Asian Cup had a rather unusual beneficiary.

Prior to their team's clash with Saudi Arabia in Melbourne on Wednesday, a group of North Korean fans gave a vociferous reception to their players and did the famous Poznan celebration. Then, instead of continuing with their support, Chollima fans unexpectedly broke into a "Kim Jong-Un Ole Ole Ole" chant.

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Just imagine, chants in favor of one of the world's most brutal dictators inside an Australian stadium. Yeah, it was funny and the free spirited locals took it that way. Some even joined the Korean supporters in voicing their support for the Supreme Leader.

Unfortunately, despite all their glorification of Jong-un, North Korea lost 4-1.

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