Novak Djokovic And Grigor Dimitrov Impersonate Maria Sharapova (VIDEO)

Guys in sports can be pretty funny, only if they want to. Apart from their regular game they know how to entertain the fans with their amazing sense of humor.

Novak Djokovic and Grigor Dimitrov while having some fun on Thursday during the Boodles tennis exhibition at Stoke Park in Englandperfect impressions of Maria Sharapova.

Dimitrov, who’s currently dating Sharapova even joined in on the act and did a spot-on impression of hers. It appears that Dimitrov like a good boyfriend has watched all of her girlfriend’s matches pretty closely. Now if she’s amused about him impersonating her or not that we are not sure about.

Djokovic isn’t new to impersonating Sharapova. He has been doing that obviously since 2007. Check him out imitating Sharapova previously over here.

Enjoy these tennis stars poking fun at Sharapova in the video above.

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