Watch Novak Djokovic's Epic Celebratory Dance With A Fan At US Open

Nole owns the ATP tour – both in tennis as well as dancing.

Novak Djokovic has once again shown why he is the most fun player on the ATP tour by dancing his heart out with a random fan at the end of his US Open match on Wednesday.

After dispatching his opponent Andreas Haider-Maurer in straight sets, the Serb point towards the stands and invited a fan on the Arthur Ashe court.

The security backed off and allowed the enthusiastic fan to enter the restricted area where his idol welcomed him. He first presented Djokovic with am I Love New York shirt before the two broke into a short, but energetic dance sequence.

The idol-and-fan duo hugged high-fived before donning I Love New York shirt, which the fan had brought with him. The crowd loved every bit of it as even A-listers like Jamie Fox were seen capturing the moment on their phones.

Later on in the presser, Nole, as he likes to be called, said: "I'm glad that he came down to the court. It was not planned. He's a true entertainer... Each year I see him in one of my matches, dancing, taking down the layers of the t-shirts. But, you know, it never gets old."

As they say, there is never a dull moment with Djokovic. The man is a complete performer who has all the shots in the game and all the moves after the game.

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