Overconfident Mets Fan Stuck With Permanent Reminder Of Team's Failure

This New York Mets fan was a little too presumptuous and got a big tattoo he surely regrets.

People get tattoos they regret all the time but sometimes it’s not because they made a drunk or impulsive decision, it’s about remaining true to your faith. Or in this case, the faith that your favorite sports team will win a championship.

Josh Davis tweeted that he was planning to get a New York Mets tattoo, but he didn't play it safe and just get a tattoo of the logo honoring his team and their successful season, he also got the words "World Champs 2015" around it. That’s where he messed up...

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As we all know, the Mets LOST to the Kansas City Royals in the World Series so they are actually not “World Champs,” at all. In fact, they’re just the runner-ups.

Davis’ friend tweeted a photo of the ink-job which was actually well done, but unfortunately premature.

Poor guy ... Davis has been absent from Twitter since his team lost, undoubtedly hiding in shame.

We have to applaud his confidence though, the Mets should be honored to have such a dedicated fan on their side.

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The good thing is that all is not lost for Davis. Body art is so advanced these days that a really good artist can easily cover that up and make it into something awesome. Or, he can wait until next year to see if his team makes it and wins, then all he will have to change is the “5” in 2015 to a “6.”

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