Pacquiao Is The Real Winner For Doing This After The Mayweather Fight

The real fight is how you hold yourself outside the ring, and Pacquiao is the champion.

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History has always been written by the winners, and when Manny Pacquiao lost the historic fight against Floyd Mayweather, his story of what happened afterward went untold. 

Mayweather, on the other hand, made it no secret to the public that he was celebrating yet another win. And, he did so by spending over a million dollars on champagne.

However, while Mayweather was out spending the fat cash he won, Pacquiao quickly wiped the loss off his face and put a smile on instead. That's because right after the fight, Pacquiao went to volunteer with children.

Pacquiao went to St. Jude's Ranch for Children in Las Vegas, to give back to the community. Unfortunately, his good deed was overshadowed by Mayweather's triumph (and partying).

Pacquiao brought boxes of surprises to the children. Inside the boxes were tons of boxing equipment for the children to play and have fun with, according to Eye On The Nation. 

Reporter Jack Washington tells everyone the "real story" of what happened after, and while some are still unsure whether it is true, PACMAN supporters from the Philippines verified that it did actually happen.

Pacquiao, unlike Mayweather and his posse, didn't feel the need to advertise his good deed, which is why you won't see hardly any pictures of it on the Internet.

Pacquiao then went on to teach the children a thing or two about his boxing skills, showing there are tons of other ways to win, even if you might feel like the loser.

If anyone is a role model for getting back up after you get knocked down, it's Pacquiao, and he is truly awesome for doing what he did.

If only Mayweather was this cool...

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