Paul Pogba's Game Explained In 9 GIFs

This is why Paul Pogba will be football's next big superstar.

Paul Pogba

If you don't know who Paul Pogba is, be ashamed of yourself. No, be very, very ashamed of yourself.

Monsieur Pogba is a 21-year-old midfielder who is all set to explode as the next big name in world football. What makes us say this about him? This:

Pogba can defy the laws of physics.

Paul Pogba Gif


Another angle:

Paul Pogba Gifs


Pogba can create his own volleys out of nothing.

Paul Pogba Goal


Or like this:

Paul Pogba Goals


Right or left, it doesn't matter to Pogba.

Paul Pogba skills


Angles don't matter much to Pogba either.

Paul Pogba Ultimate Skills


What else doesn't matter to Pogba? Beating four guys in close space!

Paul Pogba Amazing Skills


Or spinning past a stunned counterpart with a perfect roulette.

Paul Pogba Crazy Skills


For a 21-year-old, Pogba uses his head really well. No really!

Paul Pogba scores


So if you don't know, now you know!

paul pogba celebration

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