This Is How a Suns Basketball Fan's Half-Court Shot Cost Casino Arizona $77,777

Friday was a great day for one Phoenix Suns basketball fan. Not only did his team hand a comfortable 112-88 defeat to the New York Knicks, but he also hit a first-time half-court shot that earned him a $77,777 prize, courtesy of Casino Arizona.

The man named Tim Boven could have taken an easier shot for lesser prize money, but that's not what he did. He confidently stepped up to take the difficult half-court shot and then proceeded to do just that in his one and only attempt.

Due to the difficulty involved, no one expected him to drill it. Before playing the shot he barely got any support from the fans, but as soon as the pumpkin went in, the whole arena went wild. Even the players celebrated Boven's big win.

Hit the play button up top to check this guy's incredible money shot.

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