Pro Racing Champ Dressed As Geek Pranks Driving School Instructors

These instructors had no idea who their student was.

Leona Chin is a professional motorsports athlete in Malaysia and a women’s racing champion. She can do 12 hour endurance races, she can drift, she can do donuts around you for days But after dressing up as a bumbling teenager who can barely handle a stick shift, the driving school instructors were caught totally unaware.

A driving school decided to play a prank on some of their instructors on their first day of work, and they definitely did not know what to expect.

Dressed in pigtails and a Spongebob Squarepants t-shirt, Chin nailed the part of an innocent school girl learning to drive a stick shift. After a few convincing stalls in the car, she gets some reassurance from the instructors. Some are positive, while others are agitated right away. That’s when she goes racing off, doing donuts in the tiny parking lot, drifting like crazy.

I hope that’s the last time they ever make an assumption about an Asian female driver. 

Leona Chin pranks

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