Pro Surfer Survives Two Shark Encounters in Two Weeks

Surfer Mick Fanning survived one shark attack, only to come face-to-face with another less than two weeks later.

Two back to back run-ins with sharks sounds nearly impossible. Too outrageous to be true, right? But the unfortunate encounters are all too real for pro surfer Mick Fanning who was chased out of the water by sharks twice in two weeks.

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Earlier this month while competing in South Africa, Fanning escaped a near attack by a Great White Shark by punching it on the back and miraculously got away without a single scratch. The terrifying footage of the attack went viral with many people applauding Fanning’s bravery.

Fanning was set to return to the water this week for the first time since the incident with 60 Minutes filming the comeback. A promotional video clip for the televised program showed Fanning panic and scramble from the water onto a jet ski to return to shore.

Once on land, Fanning tells the reporter, Peter Stefanovic, that he had just spotted a shark.

“"There he is, straight out there - I just saw it," Fanning said in shock.  

Additional shark activity occurred on the same day as Fanning’s second frightening encounter. A large shark reportedly threatened surfers at Snapper Rocks -- Fanning’s home beach -- and Ballina beaches of New South Wales were closed after four sharks were spotted off the coast.

If you were planning on heading out to the beaches this weekend, you might want to reevaluate your plans. It seems Jaws and friends are on the prowl. 

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