Qatar OUT. Won't Host World Cup Says Official

FIFA's technical report on Qatar 'indicated clearly that it was too hot in summer'.

A FIFA official has reported that the World Cup will not be held in Qatar.  

FIFA Executive Committee member, German Theo Zwanziger, said on Monday that the reason is because of the weather: sky-high temperatures in the Middle East country. Temperatures reach 40-45 degrees Celsius - up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. 

A spokesperson for world football's governing body moved quickly to insist that this is simply Zwanziger's "personal opinion."

Zwanziger believes that the tournament, being held in 2022, will ultimately be staged elsewhere.

"Personally, I believe that the 2022 World Cup will not take place in Qatar in the end," he told Sport Bild. "The doctors say -- and I have demanded to have this registered in the records -- that they can't be held responsible for a summer World Cup held in those conditions," he said.

Tournament organizers reply "air conditioning", insisting that stadiums, training areas and fan zones will be kept cool using technology which is still in development. 

"The World Cup not only takes place in the stadiums," Zwanziger said. "Fans from all over the world will be out in the heat. The first life-threatening incident would immediately lead to public prosecution. And no one in the FIFA executive would want to answer for that."

What about a winter World Cup? The proposal is still being considered despite opposition. European clubs don't want changes to their regular season schedules. 

There has been a backlash about Qatar's choice as a World Cup host. Issues include that the elections were dirty and votes were "bought" and that there is a culture clash with European countries. In Qatar alcoholic drinks are forbidden. So is going scantily dressed in the streets.  Isn't scantily clad the right clothing for 113 degree weather? 


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