Racist Football Fans Stop Black Man From Getting On Paris Tube

It seems English fans are not as racism-free as we think they are.


One of England's biggest football clubs has an embarrassing racism controversy on its hands after footage of its fans refusing to let a black passenger board a train in Paris emerged online.

The incident took place before Chelsea Football Club's Champions League clash with Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday night. The Blues' rowdy fans were on a train when a black passenger tried to get on board as well. Not only was he pushed back but then they shamelessly sang "We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s the way we like it."

He attempted to get on the Tube again, and the same happened once more. Any chance that it was simply a case of there not being enough space on the train went out the window with their openly racist chant.

In the past decade or so, Chelsea has worked diligently to become an international brand, and this one instance of racism could really mar that work. English football is often admired for its ethnic diversity and lack of racism compared to other European leagues. But it seems that elements of racist behavior have once again crept in.

UEFA are currently examining the video and Chelsea officials also declared that they will take serious actions against the fans involved. Let's hope they do and ban those who brought shame to not just their club but to the Beautiful Game itself.

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