Redskin's PR Guy Drags Colt McCoy Off Field

Another PR embarrassment for the victorious team. Sounds like a great night for the Redskins!

The Washington Redskins took down the Dallas Cowboys 20-17 in a super exciting overtime win with a rushing touchdown from 3rd string quarterback Colt McCoy. 

Sounds like a great night for the Redskins! 

But wait. A public relations gaffe was caught on live TV and the video has gone viral. 

After defeating their hated rival Dallas, Colt McCoy was giddy about the greatest win of his career. He wanted to talk to the media and was waiting for the ESPN guys to get an on-camera interview. 

Not so fast. 

Here comes Tony Wyllie, Redskins VP of communications, who wanted McCoy off the field. 

“No no no, we gotta go guys, we gotta go,” Wyllie said, even though ESPN was ready to go and McCoy was ready to talk. 

"No means no!" Wyllie shouted. Soon, #NoMeansNo began trending worldwide on Twitter.

McCoy did talk with ESPN...finally.

UPDATE:  Wyllie told TMZ Sports: 

"We wanted to get Colt in to hear coaches post-game speech."  He adds, "I wasn't denying access. I wanted Colt to hear coach talk. I felt we needed to get him inside."

 Maybe it's time to keep Wyllie off the field! 

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