Boxer Who Beat a Referee After Losing a Fight Hit With Lifetime Ban

Now Vido Loncar finally has time to sign up for some anger management programs.

Boxer Who Beat a Referee

Croatian boxer Vido Loncar, who viciously assaulted a referee after losing a fight, has been banned for life from the sport by the Croatian Boxing Federation.

The incident took place at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Zagreb on Monday, where Loncar faced Lithuania's Algirdas Baniulis.

Having copped a few of his opponent's punches, Loncar was given a standing eight count by Polish referee Mageja Dziurgota. Despite the pugilist clearly looking capable of continuing the bout, the ref inexplicably handed a TKO win to Baniulis.

While the ref's verdict certainly was baffling, what ensued was something that is abnormal even for the crazy world of boxing. The 18-year-old Loncar calmly let his trainer remove his gloves before turning back and launching a vicious bare-knuckle attack on the ref.

He threw a flurry of punches at Dziurgota, sending the poor old guy down. He would've continued his attack had someone not dragged him out of the ring.

Minutes later, he was arrested and now his country's boxing association has handed him a much deserved life ban.

''The executive board of the Croatian Boxing Federation met in an emergency session and reached a decision on the suspension and lifelong exile from boxing of boxer Vido Loncar," CBF said in a statement. ''Until the end of the investigation the executive committee has also suspended the trainers who were at ringside for the terrible event.''

''We are deeply apologetic to the family of boxing referee Mageja Dziurgota, who is still in hospital. Vido Loncar is in custody and we trust the Croatian institutions to do their job.''

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