Richard Sherman, Doug Baldwin Bash NFL In Funny Presser

The Seattle Seahawks duo did exactly the opposite of what Marshawn Lynch did last week. They had a bit too much to say about everything.

Days after it fined Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch $100,000 for answering almost all questions of reporters with a simple "Yeah," the NFL has a new problem on its hand. And it's a funny one.

Determined not to suffer the same fate as their teammate, Seahawks' corner Richard Sherman appeared in front of the media on Tuesday with Doug Baldwin by his side – albeit hiding behind his own cardboard cutout.

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Unlike Lynch, the two were unusually chatty – so much that they ended up talking and criticizing the NFL's rather bizarre expectations of its players. Some of the issues the duo humorously attacked were the league's media availability rules, its hypocritical policy on product endorsement as well as its general disregard for player safety.

Why does it feel that both Sherman and Baldwin's bank accounts will soon be a few hundred thousand grand short?

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