Heavyweight Kickboxer's Spinning Wheel Kick Goes Horribly Wrong

Moral of the story: Spinning wheel kicks...they're not for everyone.

Rico Verhoeven Errol Zimmerman

Those spinning kicks do a lot of damage and are fun to watch, but only when done right.

When they go wrong, it's a bloody mess. Let this kickboxer Errol Zimmerman show you why:

Rico Verhoeven Errol Zimmerman

At 6-foot-3, Zimmerman is a big dude, but that didn't stop him from attempting a spinning wheel kick in his heavyweight title fight with champion Rico Verhoeven at Glory 19: Virginia.

Only a select few fighters his size can pull off the complicated maneuver, as it takes a tremendous amount of toll on the striking leg. Not only could Zimmerman not connect with his wheel kick, but he landed so awkwardly, he blew his knee.

He tore the patella tendon in his right knee and couldn't continue, giving a technical knockout win to Verhoeve, who retained his title.

After that epic fail, let us treat you with some high quality spinning wheel kicks that did work:

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