The Worst Boxer Ever Wins After 51 Defeats And Inspires People

Robin Deakin's boxing record may be bad, but his tenacity and attitude in life is truly inspirational.

A lot of sports stars are regularly dubbed the greatest or the best ever in the media, but not many get the unenviable title of worst ever.

Enter Robin Deakin, who has rose to fame for being Britain's Worst Boxer. Even this apparent insult is actually a compliment because Deakin is by far the worst pugilist in the whole world.

The man had lost 51 consecutive fights since turning pro and winning on his debut in 2006. It was the longest losing streak in professional boxing history and unlikely to ever end. Even the authorities had given up hope on him and had revoked his license to fight in Britain.

But despite being branded a loser over and over again, Deakin's determination to have his hand raised inside the ring didn't go weak. He obtained his fighting license from Malta and squared off against Latvia's Deniss Kornilovs last weekend.

After being the second-best on 51 straight outings, the 29-year-old Brit finally got his second win. He defeated Kornilovs on points in the four-round bout and proved a point he long wanted to prove.

But it's what he later wrote on Twitter that endeared him to boxing fans world over.

Deakin may not have the CV of a Floyd Mayweather Jr., but his tenacity and positive attitude is truly inspirational. Now that the money is off his back and he has made a statement, one would think he would retire, but no. He is not only determined to fight more but also thinks there is no reason he shouldn't be gunning for titles.

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