Ronda Rousey Breaks Reporter's Ribs With Violent Judo Toss

You don't go around challenging Ronda Rousey just because you're a man.

One novelty fight all MMA fans want to see more than anything else is Ronda Rousey taking on a man. The undefeated UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion has been so dominant against her own sex that it has aroused curiosity if she can hold her own against male counterparts.

While it's difficult to predict her chances in that hypothetical fight, she has already broken a man's ribs. It happened when web show host Aaron Tru egged her on by doubting her ability to compete with a man like himself.

Next you know Rousey is judo tossing the mic-juggling reporter to the hardwood floor. It produces a loud noise followed by Tru's groans of pain. Apparently, Rousey's throw broke his ribs.

It could all be fake, but then Tru has a history of taking voluntary pounding from professional fighters, so who knows.

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