Lakers Guard Aims For A Highlight Play, Gets Shaqtin' A Fool Instead

Ronnie Price paid the price for not gripping the ball tightly.

ronnie price

For some reason, most sporting highlights these days are either incredibly brilliant or extremely stupid. It's like there is no middle ground whatsoever.

After Florida Gators guard Jacob Kurtz scored a game-losing basket AGAINST his own team, and an MMA fighter counterbalanced with one of the most impressive knockouts ever, it is time to be stupid, yet again.

And doing the honors this time is the Los Angeles Lakers guard Ronnie Price. With the Lakers trailing in the third quarter of an eventual 88-87 win over the Indiana Pacers on Sunday, the ninth-year PG played the passing lane, came up with a steal and was all set for a flashy breakaway dunk which would certainly have been amongst the best plays of the night. But this is where the STUPID happened.

Our man Price went up and was set for an emphatic left-handed finish until the ball slipped out of his hand. We know stupid is an overused word here, but it's also the only thing that sums up Price's misplay with perfection.

In the end, the ball deflected off the backboard and went to a Pacer, who gladly accepted the easiest defensive rebound ever. Price, meanwhile, had just paid the price of not holding on to the pumpkin a bit more tightly. The Black Mamba won't be impressed with this.

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