Caught On Camera: Woman Hands Ball To Little Boy, Then Demands It Back

Is she a lucky Royals fan or the devil incarnate ?

The Kansas City Royals fan in the video above has caused quite a bit of controversy. The lady caught a ball on camera in a match between her team and the New York Yankees and after a moment of showing off, she passed it on to a young boy standing nearby.

The whole incident was caught on camera but the moment she thought the lens had moved away from her she apparently asked for her ball back.

There’s no knowing whether she got it back or not, but she sure is getting a lot of flak for her selfish action.

Amazingly, The Daily Mail traced the lady to three years ago when, wearing the same tank top, the very same lady was caught on camera nearly catching another fly ball. But at the last second, a young boy was able to sweep in and grab it instead. 

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