Rugby Player's Hilarious Dive

April, 24, 2014: The thing we thought we'd never see on a rugby field has happened.

Attention, sports fans!

The menace of faking injuries to gain an advantage over your opponent has been detected in the rather manly sport of Rugby too.

It happened in a Samoan Rugby match between Vailele and Vaiala when a player got a slight slap on the chest from his opposite number at the end of a highly physical wrangle. His bandaged head was proof that he's been through a lot worse, but the man-mountain still chose to go down like someone had just shot him in the face.

More theatrics ensued when he checked the unimpressed ref's reaction. Of course, a foul wasn't called, so the diver in question upped the ante even more to con the man with the whistle.

By then, everyone but him had realized how totally fake and funny the situation looked. The opposition player whose chest-slap has started the whole thing was smiling, the ref had a smirk on his face and even the diver himself couldn't help but feel silly.

But most of all, the entire crowd was laughing their ass off for what they had witnessed. After all, it is not a common sight for them to see a man this big and strong to feign an injury when he has barely been touched.

Hit the play button up top to check out this failed flopping attempt.

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