Rush Limbaugh's Take On Donald Sterling Just As Ridiculous As You'd Assume

Rush Limbaugh spouts off on the Donald Sterling racism allegations with a few whoppers of his own.

Rest easy, everyone. We all finally know what to really believe about the Donald Sterling racism allegations now that Rush Limbaugh has so eloquently weighed in.

Limbaugh's take: It isn't news that Sterling, a "typical Hollywood Democrat," is allegedly racist but it's only coming out now because Sterling "did not give enough money to Obama."

Never mind that Sterling is a registered Republican. Or that he doesn't appear to have donated substantially to presidential candidates going back several election cycles. 

The Los Angeles Clippers owner was apparently recorded telling his girlfriend not to associate publicly with black people at basketball games. Sterling has been roundly criticized by everyone from President Obama to Clippers players to Magic Johnson, who was a target of the racist rant caught on tape. 

So says Limbaugh, apparently with a straight face, "All of this shock and outrage, I'm going to tell you something, is as phony as you can believe." 

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