You Would have Never Seen World Cup Footballers like this Before

June 20, 2014: FIFA World Cup has two sides. One has the carnival-like atmosphere and the other has this.

The life of a Soccer player has many sorrows. He has to run like a dog for 90 minutes, battle injuries, and then deal with the heartbreak of losing the World Cup (or not getting anywhere near it).

While winners' celebrations always take the limelight, there are those too who cry their eyes out on the field of play.

Here is the side of the World Cup that features grown men bawling like babies (etc).

World Cup

Oh Joe Hart, wipe those tears off your face. You only have yourself to blame for England's situation.

Joe Hart

In case you don't recognize the player with the god awful hair, this is Neymar getting emotional for no reason at all before a game.


Ivory Coast midfielder Serey Die literally bawled like a baby before his team's loss to Colombia. Maybe he knew the result beforehand.

Serey Die

Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev made a huge gaffe against South Korea. No wonder he is crying here.

Igor Akinfeev

Iker Casillas has ruined his legacy by taking part in the World Cup. It's stuff to cry about.

Iker Casillas

Someone please give Fernando Torres a Kleenex.

Fernando Torres

It's always nice to see Sergio Busquets in the sad mode. He is after all the biggest dou*he in Soccer.

Sergio Busquets

Luis Suarez did his best to get his club mate Steven Gerrard spill a drop or two but got nothing. The shameless England captain whose individual mistake would likely send his side crashing out, then blamed the defeat on the entire team.

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