Football Team's Crazy 10-Man Attack Backfires As They Lose 3-0

All 10 of Sampdoria's outfielders started Monday night's defeat to Lazio at the halfway line.


It's generally frowned upon when a football manager tinkers too much with his team's formation. The purists' eyebrows go higher with each extra body that is shunted into the attack at the expense of defense/midfield.

So just imagine the reaction when Sampdoria manager Sinisa Mihajlovic deemed it appropriate to start all 10 of his outfielders in attack in a Series A match against his former club Lazio on Monday.

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Instead of the standard 4-4-2, the Serbian opted for an insane 0-0-10 formation. Just check out their positions at the time of kickoff.

It was probably just a signal of intent from Mihajlovic that his side means business or maybe it was an attempt to throw off the opponents. Whatever it was, it DIDN'T work out, as Sampdoria lost out 3-0 on the night. Mihajlovic's cute trick backfired, because while the two teams had equal points in league standings before the game, il Doria now trail by three.

By the way, this is how it's done, Mr. Mihajlovic:

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