49ers Fan Who Invaded Field Might Be The Angriest, Stupidest Fan Ever

With his team trailing, the moron entered the field of play, headbutted a cop and threw punches.

Football fans can be feisty when their team is losing, as the ground staff at MetLife Stadium found out on Sunday.

During the third quarter of the New York Giants' showdown with the San Francisco 49ers, an angry fan invaded the field of play before doubling-down on the stupidity by headbutting a police officer.

Despite being surrounded by half a dozen state troopers, the fan kept on jostling and even tried to throw punches. At this point, the security decided to manhandle the moron and carted him off the field.

Once he was out of the picture, the 49ers staged a comeback in the final quarter but it wasn't enough as they lost 30-27 to the Giants. A close defeat and their fan making a fool of himself on an away ground – suffice to say the 49ers want to forget this road trip.

Meanwhile, here is another angle of the said fan's moment(s) of madness.

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