Check Out World’s First Front Flip Forward BikeFlip Stunt


You may have heard of front flips on scooters, but it isn’t everyday when someone does the same trick on a BMX bike. But this is exactly what scooter rider Ryan Williams did when he swapped his motorbike for a BMX at a Nitro Circus event and did the unthinkable.

What you can see in the video posted above is an insane frontflip forward bikeflip stunt, which the rider’s camp claims is the first ever of its kind. And considering the degree of difficulty involved in pulling it off, there is no point doubting their claim. The natural momentum after the jump always takes the bike to flip backwards, but Williams’ flips are in the opposite direction; and not just once, but twice.

Even the great motorsports legend Travis Pastrana – who was on hand to witness the whole thing – was impressed. He said: “That's what happens when you give a scooter rider a bicycle... mid-air gymnastics, arms and legs flailing all over the f**king place.”

Watch it to believe it!

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