Some Seattle Seahawks Fans Make A Mistake They'll Regret Forever

They bought the expensive tickets, attended the game, yet missed one of the greatest comebacks in football history.

seattle seahawks

You cannot claim to be a real fan if you don't have faith in your team – especially one that's the reigning Super Bowl and conference champ.

Late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's crucial NFC championship game, the Seattle Seahawks trailed 13-22 to the Green Bay Packers. A season-ending loss seemed probable, but it was no justification for some Seahawks fans to walk out.

They did leave the CenturyLink Field two minutes early, and this is precisely the moment when the Seahawks began to turn the game on its head. In the remaining two minutes, Marshawn Lynch and company erased their 15-point deficit and forced overtime.

With momentum now firmly in their favor, Seattle proceeded to complete what was one of the greatest crunch time comebacks of all-time. Of course, the fans who had exited the stadium to beat the traffic missed it all. They tried getting back in, but the home stadium's no re-entry rule prevented them from doing so. Hence, these fair-weather fans had to watch the Seahawks' incredible turnaround win on a TV screen through a glass door.

Had they rested their hind parts comfortably in their seats for a few more moments, this would never have happened.

As Rob Piercy put it:

Of course, those who had stayed to witness the unforgettable were like:

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