Marshawn Lynch Answers The Weirdest Questions Ever In Skittles Press Conference

We bet you haven't seen Beast Mode this chatty in front of a microphone before.

Marshawn lynch skittles press conference

We know how difficult it is to get Seattle Seahawks ace Marshawn Lynch to talk in a proper press conference. Twice now he has refused to answer regular questions by sports folks, replying with answers like "yeah" and "thanks for coming" instead.

That's why it was surprising when Skittles posted a video on YouTube showing an unusually bubbly Lynch speaking his mind on deep, super serious questions like:

"Would you ever wanna hang out with a talking rainbow" and "Do you prefer watching cat videos or dog videos?"

Lynch plays along and gives equally amusing answers to these weird questions. His demeanor is a far cry from how he behaves when professional sports reporters surround him and bombard him with generic, boring questions. In his defense, Skittles' questions are much more fun.

Also, we all know how big a fan Lynch is of Skittles. Then there is the fact that this wasn't an actual presser but a timely released ad that would've made numbers in Lynch's bank account jump up significantly.

But either way, it's fun, entertaining and a whole lot better than let's say: "Hey Marshawn, what was your feeling after scoring that 79-yard touchdown?"

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