Seahawks' Turbin's Thoughtful Gift Makes A Fan Emotional

And just in time for Christmas... A football fan recently received such a surprising gift from Seattle Seahawks running back Robert Turbin that he couldn't hold back his tears.


In a new YouTube video, an Oklahoma-based man named Alex Hughes can be seen with a package that has a giant Seahawks logo on one side. He then tells the camera how he helped out Turbin's girlfriend a month ago by lending her his Seahawks jacket so she could take a picture wearing it.

In return, he had asked if it was possible for him to get Turbin's autograph, and the woman – named Dev – told him to contact her after the game. Unfortunately, Hughes' phone died at the most inopportune time and he couldn't meet Turbin or get his autograph as he was promised.

Hughes had forgotten about the incident, but it seems Turbin and Dev had not. Last Sunday, he got a package containing a Seahawks helmet that had signatures of all the Seahawks members.

It may have been a simple, little gesture on Turbin's part, but it meant so much more to this fan that he couldn't control his emotions and cried while his wife filmed.

It shows how much control and influence sports stars have on fans these days. A bit of love in return for their unconditional support can reduce a grown man to tears.

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