Riots Erupt As Drone Ends A Football Match

Not even soccer matches are safe from drones. Drones are now a frequent sight in battlefields, but the unmanned vehicular technology intruded on a sporting event for the first time on Tuesday night.

The result, like always, was the same: chaos, destruction and conflict – although of a slightly different kind.

Minutes before the halftime break in the Serbia v. Albania Euro 2016 qualifier in Belgrade, a drone carrying the Albanian flag and a banner was spotted hovering just above the pitch of the stadium. It was an attempt to make a political statement by some miscreant, and the gesture was obviously not well received by the home side.

Serbian defender Stefan Mitrovic was the first to spring into action against the drone. He pulled the Albanian flag down, at which he was confronted by the visiting team's players Andi Lila and Taulant Xhaka. Moments later, fans invaded the pitch. While officials tried to intervene, one of the fans proceeded to smash a chair over Albanian striker Bekim Balaj's head.

More chaos ensued and things could have gotten a lot worse had the security officials not intervened. Considering the seriousness of the situation, English referee Martin Atkinson decided to call off the game.

Owing to their history of political and armed conflicts, tension always runs high whenever Serbia and Albania face each other in sports. In anticipation of any such situation, Albanian fans weren't allowed to attend the said qualifying match. However, no one had anticipated that disarray would still find a way, thanks to drone technology.

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