Serena Williams' Inspirational New Ad Will Move You To The Core

We don't know if Serena Williams' new ad will make you splash out on Beats by Dre wireless headphones or turn you into a gym freak, but we guarantee, it will move you.

Many yearn to achieve great success, but only a few actually end up earning it. Fewer still achieve the level of success the Williams sisters, both Serena and Venus, have reached.

The difference, in most cases, is the amount of hard work put in the backgrounds, and this is exactly the theme of Beats by Dre's Powerbeats2 Wireless ad featuring Serena Williams.

The video revolves around the tennis superstar's intense workout sessions, which are primarily why she is arguably the greatest female tennis player. Sprinkled in between are reenacted flashbacks from her childhood and humble beginnings.

The video takes us back to Serena's early days in Compton, California, and gives us a peak of the impoverished area that Williams grew up in.

The intense video leaves the viewer with a glimpse of the powerful player Williams became, armed with little more than an envious willpower fighting through racism, loss and grief, and how Williams rose like the proverbial phoenix to beat ablest of opponents.

That’s not all. To add more oomph to the ad, Sunni Patterson's opening verse from 2 Chainz's "Black Unicorn" plays in the back ground. Combined with Serena’s physique, "Black Unicorn" inspires even the biggest of couch potatoes to hit the gym.

If Serena's chiseled abs, magnificent biceps and success story don't wake up the will to beat everything standing in front of you and your goal, nothing ever will.

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