Serena Williams Turns A Certain Defeat Into A Victory, All Thanks To A Cup Of Coffee

The 18-time Grand Slam champion was served with a proverbial bagel before she drank some coffee and avenged her first set loss.

Serena Williams

Never underestimate the power of an espresso!

In a real life incident eerily similar to stuff that happens in TV commercials, tennis superstar Serena Williams demonstrated how an espresso can inspire her to completely turn a match on its head.

The funny little thing happened in Australia where the world No. 1 had landed just a few hours ago before her Hopman Cup clash with Italy's Flavia Pennetta. As Williams explained later, she was still jetlagged and tired, which probably explains why she failed to win even a single game in a 6-0 loss.

But then, the unexpected happened. We've seen players asking for water bottles, juices and energy drinks, but never coffee. And this is exactly what the 18-time major champion asked for.

"Is it illegal to order an espresso?" she asked the chair umpire while laughing and knowing how funny her query was. Even Pennetta saw the funny side of the situation.

The cooperative officials duly obliged and soon gave Williams the espresso she wanted. Guess what happened next? Now fully caffeinated and energized, the legend got to work and smashed Pennetta out of the court in the remaining two sets to claim a 0-6, 6-3, 6-0 victory. 

"I am a coffee drinker and I didn't have mine this morning and I was just feeling it," Williams revealed in a post-match interview. "So I had to get some coffee in me. I told them to just give me a shot of espresso. I asked them if it was legal  'Is it illegal to have a shot of espresso?' – because I had never done it before. I needed some espresso. I needed to wake up –the jetlag gets you all the time."

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