Serena Williams Hails A Cab To Finish Her Own Annual Charity Race

Did Serena Williams really think the paparazzi would let this one slide?

Tennis star Serena Williams organized a Dec. 13 5K run to raise money for the charity foundation she runs under her own name.

The Serena Williams Live Ultimate Run South Beach 2015 race was 5K — nothing that should be too hard for the athletic Williams.

It started off well as 3,000 runners pounded the pavement along the Ocean Drive and through the ArtDeco district of Miami Beach. However, with 2 km into the run, Williams climbed into a yellow cab and rushed off to the finish line. Her sister Venus, on the other hand, completed the entire race on her own.

This is what people had to say about it:

34-year-old Williams, who was spotted wearing an orange Nike T-shirt and black leggings, hasn't yet said why she skipped 3 km of her own race and opted for a cab, but the series of injuries she has suffered recently may be to blame.

In October, the world No.1 had announced she would be taking the rest of the year off to recover from various injuries. Consequently, she was also forced to withdraw from two final big tournaments.

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Williams previously injured her knee and elbow, and continued to play injured throughout the year. It's therefore understandable if she felt one of her injuries flare up during the race and decided to grab a cab. 

Williams posted a video on her Facebook page saying that even though she was unable to complete the race this year, she intends on doing so next year.

Serena Williams live run in Miami

Posted by Serena Williams on Sunday, 13 December 2015

Her charity fund has helped build schools in Kenya and fund scholarships in New York, among a variety of other causes.

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