Serena Williams And Maria Sharapova Fight Over Men

Call it pre-Wimbledon jitters or something else, but the two tennis stars have started sparring way off the court!

Serena Williams VS Maria Sharapova

Call it pre-Wimbledon jitters or something else, but the two tennis stars have started sparring way off the court!

It all started when Serena Williams taunted and criticized Sharapova and her boyfriend Grigor Dimitrov in Rolling Stone.

Here is the excerpt:

"There are people who live, breathe and dress tennis. I mean, seriously, give it a rest." Serena exits the car and the conversation moves on to a top-five player who is now in love."She begins every interview with 'I'm so happy. I'm so lucky' – it's so boring," says Serena in a loud voice."She's still not going to be invited to the cool parties. And, hey, if she wants to be with the guy with a black heart, go for it."

But that was not all; the article was doomed in any case. The Rolling Stone article also had a paragraph that stated Williams’ stance on the Steubenville rape case where she said "She's 16, why was she that drunk where she doesn't remember? It could have been much worse. She's lucky. Obviously, I don't know, maybe she wasn't a virgin …"

However, in a statement released on her website, she claims she was misquoted."What happened in Steubenville was a real shock for me. I was deeply saddened. For someone to be raped, and at only sixteen, is such a horrible tragedy! For both families involved – that of the rape victim and of the accused.

In a pre-tournament press conference Maria Sharapova directed some pointed remarks at Serena Williams in response to the above comments.

"Obviously I have a tremendous amount of respect for Serena and what she's achieved on the court," Sharapova said. "If she wants to talk about something personal, maybe she should talk about her relationship and her boyfriend that was married and is getting a divorce and has kids. Talk about other things, but not draw attention to other things. She has so much in her life, many positives, and I think that's what it should be about."

Here’s a video of Sharapova:

So, one does one call it?

Williams in return had her own news conference on Sunday. With regards to Sharapova’s comments, she declined comment on her personal life saying instead, “I’m not really going comment on that, whether I’m disturbed or not…I know she also said that I should definitely focus on the tennis here, and I feel like that is another thing I can definitely take her advice on. Maybe I wasn’t focused enough in the past on tennis. I’m definitely going to try to focus on that for the next two weeks.”

 “I think Maria and I have great matches,” she added. “I think it’s great for women’s tennis when we play each other.  The same when Venus and I play each other, or me and Victoria [Azarenka]. When we’re in the final, it’s a really, really good matchup. I think we both have so much intensity on the court, and we just really love the game.”

Well, we hope the fight at the Wimbledon ground is just as spicy, and we have a feeling it will be! Williams beat Sharapova for the French Open title two weeks ago. There’s a great chance that the two could meet in the Wimbledon final.  

Serenahas won 13 consecutive matches against Sharapova since 2005.

We’ll all be looking forward to the two facing each other across the net!

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