Shocking Photo. Boycott Of CoverGirls’ NFL Makeup Line Takes Over Twitter

The NFL-themed makeup line has the slogan, “Get Your Game Face On!”. Twitter is not happy.

A new hashtag has taken over Twitter: #GoodellMustGo. 

On Saturday, it was accompanied by an image from CoverGirls’ NFL makeup line — which has the slogan, “Get Your Game Face On!”.   However, the model was was photoshopped to look like she had a black eye.

The photo is being shared all over the Internet and the hashtag’s page is full of people calling for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to be fired.

If you try to visit the CoverGirl main website, it's unavailable as of Monday afternoon: 

Additionally, Ultraviolet, a women’s advocacy organization, flew a banner with #GoodellMustGo behind planes over several NFL stadiums on Sunday. 

The backlash is occurring over Ray Rice, currently serving an indefinite suspension by National Football League. Additionally, his contract has been terminated by his team, the Ravens. 

Rice was arrested and subsequently indicted for third-degree aggravated assault after he punched his fiancée in the face, knocking her unconscious and dragging her from an elevator. The league, specifically Goodel, is accused of not responding forcefully enough to stand up against domestic violence.  

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