Hockey Superstar Gets Into A Rare Fistfight With Pesky Opponent

Sidney Crosby can score beautiful goals and throw punches.

sidney crosby

Even though fights in hockey are almost as common as goals, it's not an everyday that the game's biggest superstars get into a brawl. But it happened on Thursday night when Pittsburgh Penguins captain Sidney Crosby got tangled up with Columbus Blue Jackets center Brandon Dubinsky, and the two got into a fistfight.

This is Crosby's 10th season in the NHL, and as per, he has only ever been involved in six fights. So what led to this usually level-headed fella to lose his mind? Well, Dubinsky is one irritating defender and is often assigned the job of marking Crosby. The two had problems even when Dubinsky used to play for the New York Rangers.

Hence, when Dubinsky went to check No. 87, he took exception and a punch-up ensued. It wasn't a grueling, bloody fight by any means. Actually, the two jostled more than trading blows. However, Crosby did land at least one clean shot to Dubinsky's face.

Check out the fight video above.

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